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A lot has happened, marvels the man nominated for CMA Song of the Year for Jason Aldean s signature Dirt Road Anthem. And anyone who knows me knows that every album is another chapter of my life. Even though it s my life, even though some of what I write about is very specific to what happens to me, I think the challenges, the places where we figure things out are all the same no matter what we re facing, realizations all mean the same things.


By now, everyone knows the story turned out okay for me, laughs the man who sold out his entire BLACKOUT arena tour last winter, as well as his TAKE IT OUTSIDE amphitheater tour which closed with two nights at Red Rocks. But the truth is there s always temptation, there s always something whether it s work or substances or gambling or whatever that can pull you off the path. For me, thankfully, I got through it, got the girl back, got to keep my career moving...
  Life isn t just chapters, explains the songwriter/rocker. What happens before influences what happens next. Not always the way you d expect. Sometimes you don t even see it til later. But with these CDs, I feel like it s the story and then more of the story. You know, depending on how deep you want to go, it s a way to understand the journey to THE DEVIL DON T SLEEP.