Late Night Tales: Bonobo

Late Night Tales: Bonobo

Artist: Bonobo

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Format: CD
Catalog: 63739
Genre: Electronic/Dance
Rel. Date: 11/25/2013
UPC: 825646373918

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1. Dustin O'Halloran - An Ending, A Beginning
2. Khruang Bin - Calf is Born in Winter
3. Bonobo - Get Thy Bearings (Exclusive Donovan cover version)
4. Dorando - Didnt I
5. Nina Simone - Baltimore
6. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Flipside
7. Menahan Street Band - The Traitor
8. Andrew Ashong - Flowers
9. Romare -Down The Line
10. Shlohmo - Places
11. Lapalux - Gutter Glitter
12. The Invisible - Wing (floating points mix)
13. Badbadnotgood - Hedron
14. Matthew Bourne -: IIV. Juliet
15. Airhead - South Congress
16. Matthew Halsall - Sailing Out To Sea
17. Dorothy Ashby - Essence of Sapphire
18. Peter and Kerry - One Thing
19. Eddi Front - Gigantic
20. Bill Evans - Peace Piece
21. Benedict Cumberbatch - Flat Of Angles Part 3 (Exclusive Spoken Word Piece)
22. Flat Of Angles Part 3

More Info:

Late Night Tales and Bonobo were pretty much made for each other, it just took them a while to both realize it. Stepping forward into the compilers spotlight for the 33rd edition is Simon Green aka Bonobo a musician, producer and DJ perfectly suited to soundtrack an evening spent reclining to some parallel beats.


Six albums to the good, Green has been on a winning streak since 2010 s breakthrough Black Sands. His music has aided the sales of Citroen cars and Olay creams, as well as soothing the puzzlement of Lost. Wrapped in delicately programmed drums, Green s music is at once both somber and reassuring. If what comes out the other end is the music of Bonobo, then this is the fuel that keeps the engine running: soul, jazz, classical, pop, funk, leftfield, rock. Pianos and brass are abundantly present. Our ivories are warmed and tickled by the classic, Bill Evans, and new school, with Matthew Bourne s mournfully beautiful "Juliet" and Dustin O Halloran s "An Ending A Beginning. " The brass section comes courtesy of Menehan Street Band s jazzy "The Traitor, " "Flipside" by the Hypnotic Brass Band. Exclusives include YouTube sensation "One Thing" by Peter & Kerry. Not only that, but there s Bonobo s special LNT cover version, a brilliant reading of Donovan s "Get Thy Bearings, " As the light dims, the unsettling sounds of Lapalux or maybe even Shlomo pierce the misty evening air, before giving way to the ethereal splendour of Eddi Front s "Gigantic" or even Nina s paean to an imagined rural idyll "Baltimore. " Amble down to the riverside. It could be the Great Ouse, as willows weep into the water; it could even be in Brooklyn overlooking the Lower East Side, as the sun slides down the sides of the skyscrapers. Take a notepad for inspiration. Maybe even a hipflask for a slug of something warm. Sit down and reflect and let those beautiful pianos skim the water s surface. Sometimes, you think, life is good. You can t play a symphony alone, it takes an orchestra to play it: Simon Green is your conductor.

This is the first Late Night Tales CD to include unmixed tracks as bonus download code. This release also features a Bonobo recording exclusive to the release, a stunning cover of Donovan s "Get Thy Bearings, " as well as an depth personal track comments by Simon Green aka Bonobo and an exclusive spoken word piece by A list actor Benedict Cumberbatch (Star Trek/The Hobbit/Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)