Live At St. Anns Warehouse

Artist: Aimee Mann

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Format: DVD
Catalog: 14
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 11/02/2004
UPC: 698519001429


Incl. Bonus cd


Speech therapists may never get to the bottom of what Aimee Mann is carping on about in "Wise Up," but perhaps that's missing the point. If odd diction constituted a capital offense, our prisons would be littered with sad-sack singer/songwriter types banging their water cups rhythmically against the cell bars. Plus, every live record would sound like Johnny Cash's At Folsom Prison-and the turtleneck-clad hipsters at Brooklyn's St. Ann Warehouse wouldn't have lasted a minute in the shower stalls.

So give Mann a hand for subtly reshaping some of her classics on the fly during this 80-minute set, seamlessly edited from portions of two consecutive performances. After turning out the skeletons in her closet on 2000's Bachelor No. 2 and 2002's Lost in Space, Mann finally looks comfortable in her own skin. During the behind-the-scenes documentary that cushions the DVD, her backing band assures us that there's a comedian trapped inside that willowy frame, and her new mastery of the art of stage banter proves them right. As for the show itself: Mann's ever the slow-starter, but she hooks the audience with selections from the Magnolia soundtrack and gives "Deathly" room to breathe with a seven-minute jam -easily the best thing on the "bonus" live CD that accompanies the set, as well. The only bummer here is guitarist Julian Coryell, who makes this grotesque "rock" face every time the camera flashes on him, sorta like B.B. King opening his mouth to chew on an air biscuit. Save it for the Journey cover band, dude.