The Andromeda Strain OST

The Andromeda Strain OST

Artist: Gil Melle

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Format: LP
Label: Jackpot Records
Rel. Date: 04/22/2017
UPC: 602557215847

More Info:

One of most sought-after and expensive soundtracks, with one of the most elaborate packages in history.  Features silver foil hexagon cover that folds open, with a hexagon shaped record.   This is the first all-electronic soundtracks released in US, and has never been reissued here. The packaging recreates the original, and the original master tapes were used.  

1. Wildfire 2. Hex 3. Andromeda 4. Desert Trip 5. The Piedmont Elegy 6. Op 7. Xenogenesis 8. Strobe Crystal Green